Are You A Creative?

If someone were to ask what do you do for a living, what would your answer be?

Would you use a verb or a noun or both? Examples:

  • I teach / I am a teacher
  • I write / I am an artist
  • I am a stay-at-home dad
  • I help organizations become great
  • I make art
  • I help people set goals that work
  • I help organizations solve their problems
  • I help people leverage their expertise and build a successful digital business

How do you use your brain?

Of course you use your brains at work. Question is, how do you use it? Do you use it to solve problems or to satisfy a desire?

Solving problems and satisfying desires sounds similar, but their differences are rather stark.

When you solve a problem, you are adding value. You add a solution to a problem.

When you satisfy a desire, you are maximizing value. You help others make the best use of their resources.

However, when you satisfy a desire that is latent, you create value. You created value where none exist before you arrived.

Are you a creative?

A creative is that does the last one – satisfy a latent desire, a desire that the client doesn’t even know she has.

So, are you a creative?