Do This When Writing Your Vision

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Logical Levels Of Learning & Change

Gregory Bateson’s Logical Levels of Learning and Change has been adopted in NLP.

It is called the Neuro-Logical Levels Model.

Understanding this model would dramatically increase your chances of designing a better life and to make your dream a possibility.

According to the Neuro-Logical Levels Model, changes made at the outer levels (such as behaviors) are less likely to stick unless the inner levels (such as identity) has changed.

For instance, if you are drowning in debt, the thing you simply must do is to cut back on your spending. Cognitively, you already know the answers. However, to follow through with that behavior (cutting back on spending) isn’t easy, least of all sustainable, unless something within you changes.

Your Habits Are Not You

In my own experience, for years I was trying to quit smoking.

What I need to do was simple. Just stop smoking (behavior). Apart from the nicotine addiction and biochemical reaction when you actually stop, all I needed to do was to stop lighting up. However, I, like most people who smoke, not only see smoking as a habit. I call myself a smoker (identity). In other words, I was linking my behavior (smoking) with my identity (smoker).

So long as I identify myself as a smoker (identity), kicking the habit (behavior of smoking) is going to be hard. Because not smoking (new habit) is simply inconsistent with who I am (identity).

Then in 2013, I made the decision to not just quit smoking (old behavior) but to stay healthy (new behavior). Additionally, I made the shift internally at the level of my identity. I no longer call myself a smoker (old identity). I did not even see myself as a non-smoker (negative perspective of the old identity).

Instead, I see myself as a healthy and active father who is a role-model in physical development for my children (new identity that is not only positive but also inspiring).

Other than one relapse, I’ve never smoked another cigarette since. In fact, I now find it absolutely disgusting.

Your Turn…

So, before we even proceed to set goals for this year and the to-dos to achieve your goals, let us first do this when writing your vision.

Take out your pen and journal and think about Who do you want to be? At the personal level? At the people level? And at the professional level?

Write them down as these will form the basis of your vision statements.