What Questions Are You Asking

As I’m uncovering my thought patterns, one question keeps coming up.

The question was:

“are you good enough for this?”

This started me on my journey to trace back to how this question comes about.

  • Could it be my childhood? My mom likes to tell me how others are better than me.
  • Could it be during my schooldays? I was constantly teased for not being cool enough to hang out with the cool kids.

What I then uncover was even more important

While it is good to know how this question comes about; its even more important to search for ways to address it.

I came up with these questions to invalidate my lack of confidence:

  • What have I done well at work or at a personal level?
  • What is one thing three years ago, I’d never thought would be possible?
  • What have I learned that made me wiser?

As this is a continuous journey, I’ll sure be revisiting these questions as a strategy to improve my life.

What questions are you asking?