What Is Your Flywheel

Ever wonder why there are times you are on a roll while other times you can’t seem to get out of the funk?

Well, this can, like most things, be explained using a model.

That model is called the Flywheel, according to Jim Collins.

Collins, for those who are not familiar with his work, is the author of several books including my favorite, Good to Great.

So, the Flywheel is a series of succession steps where each preceding step seeks to propel the next step forward.

In the book, Turning the Flywheel, Collins shared how he perceived the Flywheel of Amazon.com looks like.

– Lower price offerings
– Higher customer visits
– Attracting more third-party sellers
– Expansion of the store
– Growing revenue per fixed cost

Using the Flywheel as a framework does helps me rethink my routines and habits to make sure it’s creating a virtuous, rather than a vicious cycle.

Do you have a Flywheel? If yes, how does it look like?