Top Reasons Why People Don’t Learn From You

No matter how great a course you have, there is always room for improvement to get more people to learn from you.

You may, unknowingly, create some of these barriers to learning. Some of us may not even know they exist or we may have simply accepted it the way it is.

Here are three you can start with.

  1. Time – Learners don’t have the time to learn or they simply can’t find the time to learn. Understanding when your learners will find it most convenient for them to learn could help you decide on the length of your course.
  2. Place – Whether your learners learn on-the-go or in the office or at home makes a difference to how you should design your course. If they are learning on-the-go, then the design of the course could be very different from if they learn while in the office.
  3. Pace – Different learners learn differently. Some require to go through the same content multiple times, while others may only need to review the content once. Having prior knowledge of your learners background will help in designing your course so it enables your learners to complete it based according to their pace.

By understanding what these barriers are, you could then start designing your courses in a way that will get more people to learn from you.