To-dos Are Not Goals

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Best Definition Of A Goal

The best definition of a goal is by Stephen Covey.

A goal is an end-in-mind.

A goal is a desired outcome. Not just any outcome, mind you, but a desired one.

In many circumstances you will get an outcome, it just may not be the desired one.

What Is Not A Goal

The following are what most people think are goals:

    • Lose weight
    • Make more money
    • Write a book

These are NOT goals.

To-dos And Goals Are Not The Same

In fact, many people are ill advised on how to write goals. Keep this in mind: To-dos are not goals.

Some supposedly goals setting gurus, think “go on a date night with spouse” is a goal.

If you thought “go on a date night with spouse” or its variations are goals, then you’d be very busy.

Action: if you have goals written in the past, now is the time to take them out and review them. Does any of your goals fall into the category of to-dos?

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the top three characteristics of a good goal.