Think Big, Start Small

While it is good to think big; it is important to start small.

  • Droplets of water can, over time, make a hole in a rock
  • Termites can, over time, eat away at the wood and cause extensive damage to your house
  • A mustard seed can, over time, grow into a huge tree giving shelter to animals

How to take a big goal and break it into smaller goals

Hence, to achieve a big goal, you must start by breaking it down into smaller goals.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Break down a one-year (big) goal into quarterly (small) goals or even monthly (smaller) goals
  • Break down a project (big) such as ‘build a sales website’ into smaller (small) tasks such as get a domain name, sign up for hosting, install WordPress, get a theme, create content, etc

Your turn

What are some of your big goals that you’d want to achieve this year?

Have you made any progress? How about breaking it into smaller goals and starting from there?