The Futurist

Who knew “Futurist” would be a job right?

Bernadette Chua

I could not agree more.

My friend and client, Bernadette, is currently in New York to receive her Stevie Award on Friday. This morning, she was invited to the VIP Breakfast. with Ford Futurist and Keynote Speaker, Sheryl Connelly.

She sent me that message above.

And she is right.

The world is a very different place

Because the world slightly more than 10 years ago was a very different place.

  • 2005: the first video was uploaded on YouTube
  • 2007: the first iPhone was released
  • 2008: the year Airbnb was founded
  • 2009: the year Uber and What’s App was founded
  • 2011: the year Snapchat was founded

During our one-year travel adventure in 2017, my wife literally did almost all our Airbnb bookings on her iPhone.

And if in 2007, you were to tell me that:

  • When we are overseas, we will be staying in a stranger’s house
  • When we need to get from point A to point B, we will be jumping into a stranger’s car

I would say you are crazy. But look at what we do nowadays.

Many of the daily activities that we now engage in were once impossible or stuffs of The Jetsons.

We must not be afraid of the future

And if we are not to be afraid of the future, we must be able to predict it. With this, I will leave you with this quote:

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln