What Do You Talk About

We have a rule in our household. No devices during dinner. To fill that space, we talk. Sometimes we talk about what we are grateful for, sometimes we talk about our day.

However, of late, I’ve noticed that we’ve been talking about people. From a “oh, guess who we met today?” to “oh, did you know that so-and-so…”.

And it bugs me, so I know something needs to change.

Let’s talk ideas

Every one likes a good conversationalist. Especially one who is always full of ideas, wild ones, tame ones, lousy ones, brilliant ones. As a creative who earns a living turning ideas into solutions for my clients, I thrive on feeding my mind with ideas.

That’s one reason why I’ve been curating these ideas on a consistent basis so I can share with my wife and children and so we can discuss them. Rather than talking about events or people.

What do you talk about

What about you? What do you talk about during dinner? Or, do you guys even talk?