Take Care Of Others


You Are Ready

Now that you have identified the projects under your personal life, you are now ready to take care of others.

The People In My Life

My family members are the most important people in my life.

I have even further separated my family into two distinct areas: my wife and my children because while we are all living in the same house, there are aspects that are the same and there are those that are different.

For example, I want to be a source of positive energy for my family. To do that, I focus on a daily basis how I speak to them. Using the three-pronged approach as I mentioned here. That’s an aspect which is the same for both my wife and my children.

Specifically for my children, there are two key aspects that I want to make an impact on them and these are:

    • Teach them about God
    • Inculcate in them a set of Power Virtues

Your Turn…

Action: List down the projects you have in mind for your people life. Go back to the people areas that you’ve written down and identify what are some of these projects.

Give it a go!