The Risk In Not Taking The Risk

I took a significant amount of risk at three points in my life.

I would then grow exponentially after each time.

But this time it’s different.

Early stage dot-com

2000. A year into my job after graduating with a MBus, I would take the risk and join an early stage dot-com.

Little did I know that in 2011, 9/11 would happen.

Funding stopped. Major client left.

Despite all our efforts, the dot-com went bust.

Painful as it was, I would not want to trade that experience for anything else.

It was then that I learned how to draft a proposal. How to prepare a quotation. How to do cold calling. How to meet with prospects. How to close a sale. How to raise funds. How to lead a team.

Working with schools

2004. After the dot-com went bust, I did what I knew best. Writing business plans for SMB.

It was lucrative. I could make in a month what I used to make in a year.

I would take the risk and move to an entirely new market. Working with schools.

It was tough. Without a track record, you’d get no projects. Without projects, you’d not no track record.

We tried many things. Most failed.

The one that succeeded, helped us grow by 350% in 6 months.

We experienced tremendous success.

60% of all new businesses were through this community we have nurtured, while the remaining 40% were repeat clients.

I wrote about it here.

2016. More than a decade later and having worked with more than 80% of schools in Singapore, I would take the risk.

This time with my family. Going on a one-year travel adventure – 6 months in Europe, 6 months in the US.

While I thought I was taking a risk walking away from the school market, I was in fact preparing myself for a new way to do business.

Which will become evident next.

2020. Reaping my harvest from the work I put in on LinkedIn in 2018.

Then COVID-19 hit.

Had I not embraced a new mindset, learned new skillset, and acquire new toolset, I would be badly hit.

But I’m not.

Like you, I face uncertainties ahead.

Going forward, we must embrace a new mindset, equip ourselves with new skillset, and acquire new toolsets.

This time the risk is forced upon us.

Would you take the risk by not taking the risk?