Have You Procrastinated


Do You Procrastinate

Here’s a tip. If you found yourself procrastinating on a particular task, it is due to either one of these two reasons.

Either doing that task would bring pain or you simply don’t think you have the energy or resources to complete the task within the time frame you’ve set for yourself.

Why You Procrastinate

Let’s unpack what these means:

Pain: sometimes performing a particular task can be painful. For instance, when I was working towards an ideal weight, running was one of my daily tasks. However, that task in and of itself was painful and many days I just did not feel like I want to go running.

Energy or resources: there are times when I look at a particular task on my list and I just decide to push it forward to another day. A great example is every year when it is tax time. I would look at that task and just thinking about having to look for receipts, consolidating the list of expenses, invoices, and bank statements wears me out. And so I quit. At least until the night before.

Your Turn

Action: Take a moment to assess if you have any incomplete tasks that you’ve been putting off. Write down at least three to five reasons why you have been putting it off.

Hey, it’s alright. We all procrastinated okay?