My ONE Thing

In 2019, I had too many balls in the air.

I wanted to be a good dad, I wanted to be a LinkedIn video evangelist, I wanted to be a social media strategist, I wanted to be a strategy consultant for schools, I wanted to be a trainer in mobile video storytelling.

In wanting to achieve so many things, I ended up not doing many things well.

In 2020, I decided I only want to focus on ONE thing.

How I decided on my ONE thing

In deciding on my ONE thing for 2020 I went through this exercise.

First, I asked myself these four questions:

  • Talent: what I am good at
  • Passion: what will I continue to do even if no one is paying me
  • World: what does the world needs
  • Reward: how do I want to be compensated for the work

Once I’ve answered the questions, I then look at the intersection of the answers.

The intersection of the answers presents the ONE thing I want to focus on in 2020.

For me, my ONE thing for 2020 is this: to help others become the better version of themselves.

What’s your ONE thing for 2020?