My First LinkedIn Video

I still remember my first LinkedIn video.

There were no views, no likes, and no comments.

But that did not stop me.

I kept going.

After several videos, I started to get noticed.

People started leaving me encouraging comments. I began to reach out to others doing the same.

Overtime, I built this small community where I was able to reach out to for support, encouragement, and love.

That was when everything changed.

Shortly afterwards, I will get the chance to work with brands such as Citibank, Yeo’s, Repsol, Steinway.

That was when I realized this.

It is possible to use social media to start a business.

But that is only if you build an audience first.

Starting December 02, I have been sharing how I build an audience from scratch.

I am using LinkedIn Live here and here.

The slide deck can be found on Instagram here and here.