More Subscribers

There are two types of people on YouTube. Those who want more subscribers and those who are lying.

Here are the three things you must do in order to earn engaged subscribers.

Family and friends

While it is alright to ask family members and friends to subscribe to your YouTube channel, if they are not the right audience you are targeting, then it may even hurt your ranking.

Your family may love you and want to support you. But unless they are actively engaging in your content by watching, liking, and commenting on your videos, their subscription may not amount to much.

What you want are engaged subscribers

You do not want subscribers. You want engaged subscribers. Because they are the ones that not only watch, like, and comment, they are also likely to share your videos.

But how do you get engaged subscribers? In the last 10 days since I’ve been publishing a vlog every single day at 0730 EST, here’s what I have learned.

Three things that will get you more engaged subscribers

Earn their attention

The Internet is a noisy place. YouTube is a noisy place. So unless you stand out, chances are, you are not going to get much attention.

In order to stand out, the best way is to do it with your story.

Because your story is authentically you, it is unique to you and only you can tell it. It also differentiates you from the competition.

That said, before you tell your story, here’s what you must do. Once you’ve figured that out, use your story to earn the attention of your audience.

This is your best bet in being discovered and becoming known.

Provide value upfront

Next, you want your audience to like you. In order for them to like you, you have to provide value upfront.

What that means in the YouTube world is this:

  • Watch their videos
  • Like and leave a comment
  • Subscribe

Notice this is exactly what an engaged subscriber looks like. They’d watch, like, leave a comment. Do this and more often than not, you will get a response in kind.

Create great content

At the end of the day, a subscriber would return only if your content helps them in anyway.

To earn their trust, you need to create great content. Great content means your video helps them solve their problem.

Hence, by earning their attention, providing value upfront, and creating great content, you’d be assured that your views, comments, and subscription will continue to rise.

Your best video

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