Coming To You… LIVE

coming to you live

Exciting Times

When I was in college, my friend and I would pretend to be deejays broadcasting our top ten songs of the week over a recorded voice mail. Distribution was limited to who have access to the voice mail and sound quality was just bearable. Video was inconceivable.

Little did we imagine we would be living in a time where you can broadcast whatever you want in text, audio, and now video. Sure, YouTube has been around for a while, but we’re talking “live” broadcast.

In case you are wondering, read on to see what I am talking about.

Coming To You… LIVE

With Periscope, I can now broadcast whatever I want online for the world to see.

Well, for my first broadcast, it was basically a selfie of me working.

But just imagine the possibility with this tool.

Via Edutopia:

Periscope is a powerful new tool that is inspiring teachers and students to create content together and share their worlds in impactful ways.

I’m sure going to be using Periscope a lot more.

What possibilities can think of when embracing this tool?