How To Turn Ideas Into Value

Like you, I use my mind to earn a living. I solve problems, formulate strategies, design systems, write books for a living. Seriously, it is a darn cool thing to do. You literally make up something in your mind, put it down on paper (or powerpoint) and viola!

Watch what you put into your mind

If you are an athlete, you watch what you put into your body. If you are a creative, someone who earns a living with his mind, you watch what you put into your mind. If you let in junk, very soon what comes out of it is, junk! If you feed your mind with positive, perspective, imaginative, progressive, competitive materials, you increase the chance of positive things comes out of it.

Because if you want to turn ideas into value (value means solving a problem or satisfying a satisfaction), then you’d better manage the inputs upstream.