I Am My Biggest Obstacle

I am my biggest obstacle.

There. I said it.

Anxious and depressed

Many of you who follow me on my blog know that I suffer from anxieties and depression. It is not something I am proud of nor do I hide from. It is what it is.

Upon reflection of the months wasted procrastinating on my goals, I realized one important thing: I am my biggest obstacle.

For many months, as I begin each day to tackle the tasks at hand, I would persuade myself to do otherwise.

And that has gotten me into a lot of trouble.

Journaling as therapy

I started journaling in September this year. I saw it as a form of therapy. To be able to put my thoughts down on paper (or screen) and look at it objectively.

And to remind myself: my thoughts are not my reality.

These days, I have been successful in getting out of my own way.

I have been able to accomplish tasks I’ve set out to do.

And that has allowed me to make significant progress towards the realization of my goals.

Now, that is a big win.