How To Storytell

The whole premise of a vlog is to storytell. The better you are able to tell your story, the more engaged your audience is going to be.

Deconstructing storytell

I took the concept of Deconstruct|Reconstruct from Ayse Birsel’s book, Design the Life You Love.

First, you deconstruct the word “storytell”. In other words, you break the word “storytell” into two separate words, story and tell.

Doing so allows you to re-present the word “storytell” as two separate words. With this re-presentation, it allows us to go deeper into the meaning and interpretation of both words.

Let’s look at each in turn.

Reconstructing storytell

When I look at the word “story”, I interpret it as the message I want to convey to my audience.

As for the word “tell”, I interpret it as the method of conveying the message to my audience.

With this new perspective, I now have three parts to the word “storytell”: audience, message, and method.

  • Audience: Who are the people I am targeting. Without understanding who I am targeting, what are their characteristics, what problems they are facing, I wouldn’t know what story to tell them.
  • Message: Once I who are my audience, I am then better able to decide what is the message I want to convey to them. This allows me to use a story that appeals to them.
  • Method: Given that I know who are my audience and what are their characteristics, I am now able to better decide what is their preferred method of communication.

Greater clarity

Does it give you greater clarity in terms of how to storytell? Share with me in the comments.