How Do I Know If This Is A Project

what is a project

Project Or Task?

Are these projects or a tasks?:

  1. Get oil change
  2. Set up website
  3. Write ten things I am grateful for
  4. Record lesson on goal-setting

Any Outcome…Is A Project

Going by our definition, any outcome that requires more than one step to complete is considered a project.

Therefore, only item 3 is a task, whereas the rest on the list above are projects.

Why? In order to get an oil change, I will need to:

  1. Look for a workshop
  2. Call the workshop to make an appointment
  3. Go to the workshop to get an oil change

Because it would not be possible for me to simply drive into any car workshop and ask for an oil change. Also, I am not capable of doing the oil change myself.

Your Turn

Action: Review your tasks and see if you might be able to further define some sub-tasks for each of them. If you can, then these are really projects rather than tasks.