What Kind of Gifts Should You Get For Your Child

We all love our children. For some of us, we spare no expenses when it comes to buying them gifts, especially for their birthdays.

However, if you truly want to get a gift for your child, then consider this.

Toys as substitute nanny

For me, a toy is sometimes a substitute nanny for my children. As busy parents, we want sometime to ourselves. Giving them a toy to play allows us some “me” time.

However, I was wrong with this toy.

I’m an ambitious Dad

When my son was three, I bought him something to build for Christmas. No it wasn’t Lego’s Duplo, but a 14-in-1 (http://amzn.to/2oBUOHb) solar robotic set. Yes, I am ambitious.

But I also wanted to give my son the idea of building his own toys, instead of ready-made ones.

At three, it simply was too difficult for him to put together the parts required to build a robot. Being enthusiastic about putting it together, he would pester me to help him almost every day. Even on days when i’m back home late from work!

Taking a different perspective

Instead of being annoyed, I took a different perspective. I saw the need to help my son put together the toy not as an annoyance, but as an opportunity to bond with him and to teach him.

From that day on, “ability to bond” became a critical criteria when buying toys for my children.

How about you? What are some criteria you have when buying toys for your children?