Know Where To Focus

Let’s face it.

When you were starting out, it must have been difficult for you to know where your focus should be.

It was for me too.

Then I learned how others do it.

Choice of criterion

Some use economics as a criterion. As long as someone is willing to pay them for it, that’s where their focus is.

Nothing wrong with that.

You might know of some people who make lots of money and are unfulfilled. On the other hand, I also know people who have lots of money and are leading a fulfilling life.

Because they know how to control their money.

Some use passion as a criterion. Whatever they are passionate about, that’s where their focus is going to be.

I think simply pursuing something purely out of passion is not only irresponsible, but also selfish. It is also bad advice.

Some use competency as a criterion. Focusing only on what they are good at. And avoiding, at all costs, what they suck at.

These are the people with a fixed mindset. Though, there are instances where a fixed mindset is better than a growth mindset.

Some use customers' needs as a criterion. Give them whatever they want. You can call it empathy or letting others dictate what you should focus on.

Truth is, none of those criteria are right.

Make it yours

It all depends on what’s going on in your life at that moment. The criterion might be the right one at that time and it could be dead wrong at another.

When I was starting out, learning was my focus. I wanted to learn as much as possible, from anyone who’s willing to teach me.

Before I started a family, earning was my focus. I wanted to build up my resources as much as I can. Because I wanted to invest as much time as I can with my family while my kids were young.

Right now, I’m in a position to start contributing and make that my focus. By contributing as much as I can, that’s how I can leave my legacy behind.

That said, those were my criterion.

What’s more important for you is this:

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be focusing on.

Make your own choice.