Let's Get Down To Work

Wearing Many Hats

As a small business owner, I can’t help but have to wear many hats at work. I am in charged of business development, marketing, social media, content creation, servicing the clients, and the list goes on.

Sometimes, when work gets busy I do feel a little overwhelmed. Frankly, I’d drop some balls and sometimes I don’t even have time to get back on track. Which sucked.

Let me show you how I get down to work.

Mapping The Processes

The first step I take is to map out the processes that helped me get things done at work. For instance, here’s the steps I take to put up a post like this one:

  1. Think about the theme for the week
  2. Open up my Editorial Calendar in Google Sheets and write down the Day, Date, Topic/Title, Content Details, Keywords, Call to Action for that week
  3. Open up WordPress admin and click on “Add New” post
  4. Copy Content Details from Editorial Calendar into the content space
  5. Copy Topic/Title from Editorial Calendar into title
  6. Go to Bossfight.co to select and download an appropriate/relevant image for the graphic
  7. Go to Canva.com and click on “Melvyn.Me graphics”, upload the image from Bossfight.co to Canva.com
  8. Create text for graphic on Canva.com
  9. Download graphic from Canva.com
  10. Click “Add Media” in WordPress Admin
  11. Add downloaded graphic to post
  12. Schedule post to be published at 3pm (GMT+8) on the scheduled day

After I’ve mapped out the processes (I’m still in the process of mapping out the processes), these will then be filed as tasks under the various projects.

Multiple Business

I currently run three businesses. Each business is a project and within each business, there will be numerous projects. For instance, my consulting practice is a project in itself. Under this project, every client is a projected nested within.

I’ve found this to be the most effective way of organizing my professional life.

Your Turn…

Action: List down all the projects you have under your professional life. If need be, refer back to the “dumpedlist of projects you have written down previously.