Don’t Manage Your Time

Many productivity experts say you should manage your time. I am not an expert. And no, I don’t manage my time. Instead, I manage my priorities.

Why you should stop trying to manage time

To manage is to be in charge of something you have control over.

You can manage your emotions, finances, and business because you have control over them.

Time is not something you have control over. Having control over time means you can stop it, make it go faster or slower, or even turn back time.

What you have control over is how you use the amount of time available.

Allocating resources

Everyone of us has 24 hours. What we do with those hours will determine whether we will be successful or not.

That’s why every day, I seek to manage my TEAM.

Well, TEAM is just an acronym for talent, energy, attention, and money.

Here are a list of questions to help you lead a more productive life:

  • Talent: You have a talent. How many hours are you demonstrating your talent to the world? How many hours are you investing in the development of your talent?
  • Energy: Your body has a rhythm. Some are more energetic in the morning, while others at night. Know your body and use it accordingly.
  • Attention: Everyone and everything is vying for your attention. Are you allowing others to sway you away from what you should be paying attention to? Or are you consciously paying attention to what matters?
  • Money: Everyone needs money and everyone wants more of it. But how you manage your money will determine whether you’d be enjoying your freedom versus being held hostage to your purchases.

Which of these four are you consciously managing? Let’s continue the discussion on Facebook.