10 Benefits Of Disciplined Actions

When I started out as an entrepreneur in 2002, I asked numerous people for advice. Many were good, but this advice changed my life.

You woke up, finding yourself in the foxhole surrounded by dead comrades. You still have your rifle with only a few rounds. You hear fighting all around but see no one.

What would you do?

How to mine this advice for insights

It seems like a Catch-22 situation, as either way I could die.

If I stayed:

  • The enemies might find and shoot me
  • My comrades might find me and I’d be safe but I could also be court martial for not fighting

If I got up and fought:

  • I could still die
  • I could live

For the last decade, I have taken the insights from this advice and ran with it. Here’s why.

10 ways taking action puts me in control

Taking action puts me in control. I am no longer the victim because I take personal responsibility for my own success.

Here are 10 benefits of being disciplined in taking action:

  1. Taking action conditions my mind: I know that have the ability to make things better.
  2. Taking action gives me certainty: I can change my lives. I do not have to accept my current conditions as the way it should be.
  3. Taking action enable me to change the direction of my life: If I am not happy with the current life conditions, I can change it.
  4. Taking action gives me the opportunity to explore: I get bored doing the same thing over, taking action gives me the opportunity to experiment with and learn new things.
  5. Taking action gives me possibility: With learning new things (or new way of doing things), with opportunities to experiment, with growth, I have created the possibilities to make my life better.
  6. Taking action requires me to learn: If I want a different result in life then I must either do something different (which requires me to learn something new) or I have to do it differently.
  7. Taking action requires me to grow: Learn and apply so that I will grow. In order to live, I must grow. Only dead things don’t grow.
  8. Taking action signifies movement: I cannot change the direction of my life, I must move before I can change the direction.
  9. Taking action gives me power: As I get things done, I move. As I move, I gain momentum. And with momentum, I will become unstoppable.
  10. Taking action brings me closer to my loved ones and God: By doing something that is ecologically sound, I am bringing things in harmony.

The real reason why some people are more successful

As I embrace taking action as the philosophy for not just for work, but also for my life, it also answers a question I’ve been asking as I began my journey as an entrepreneur.

And that question is:

“What is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people?”

The simple answer is this: “Successful people do what the unsuccessful won’t

  • The successful one will butt glued themselves and write every day (Stephen King).
  • The successful one will get up and train six times a week even when the body doesn’t feel like it (Michael Phelps).
  • The successful one will put out an episode every day despite not knowing that it will succeed (John Lee Dumas).

So, if all it took was simply to do what successful people do, then why is it that most people don’t?

How about you?