What You Do Daily

Daily Tasks

There are tasks that you do every day. These include getting something to eat, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, for example.

You do them every day. Whether you are happy, tired, angry.

These, you might say, are already part of your daily routine. It would be unthinkable to not brush your teeth or take a shower. Likewise, just because you ate yesterday doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat today.

However, are there tasks that you make it a point to do it every day?

If you answered yes, good. Let’s review them. If you, however, answered no, then better! You now get a chance to identify these.


Ever since I learned about Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule, I’ve knew I must design one for myself.

So, for my personal and people, and professional domains, I’ve created what I called My Daily BREEAD.

These six areas are what I focus on every single day, where I have specific tasks that must be completed each day. Full disclosure: of course I’ve fallen off the bandwagon and too many times. However, after each episode, I do get back on again.

So, here’s my Daily BREEAD:

B is Bible Study: The tasks include:

    • Read Bible
    • Write Daily Devotions
    • Pray

R is Relationships: The tasks include:

    • Say/be appreciative, positive, and encouraging to wife and children
    • Teach them about God

EE is Emotions and Energy: The tasks include:

    • Exercise daily
    • Eat vegetables daily
    • Eat fruits daily
    • Drink at least 7 glasses of water
    • Journal daily gratitude
    • Recite power virtues

A is Art: This is centered around my professional life and the tasks will include any work I do to show my art such as:

    • Write daily to demonstrate progression on designing a better life

D is Design: The tasks include:

    • Review AIM (morning)
    • Conduct daily review

Your Turn…

Action: Review your personal, people, and professional life and identify at least one task that you’d commit to doing it every day.