Online Course​
Confidence Checklist

Let's just convert what we've been teaching
into an online course.

And then they wonder why no one bought their online courses.

You are the subject matter expert

You have your strengths, experience, and expertise.

But to succeed in selling your courses online, you need to be more than just an online trainer.

You also need to be an entrepreneur, a content marketer, and a course producer as well.

As the entrepreneur, you must know:

  • Who are your customers (learners)
  • Where to find them (both online and offline)
  • What does it take for them to want to learn from you (what you cover is only one aspect in their consideration)

As the content marketer, you must know:

  • How to earn their attention
  • How to convert that attention into action
  • How to get them to keep coming back for more

As the course producer, you must know:

  • The tools you need to create a professional looking course
  • How to put up your courses online
  • How to turn your learners into raving fans

A quick and comprehensive resource

Now that you know what it takes to be successful in selling your courses online.

But it may seem to be overwhelming too.

Which is why I put together the Online Course Confidence Checklist.

It is a simple resource that can quickly help guide you in building and launching your online course.

The Checklist helps you in:

  • Identifying and looking for the right type of learners who can benefit from your teaching
  • Converting interested learners into loyal customers
  • Providing you with a structure for your landing page
  • Speaking to your learners as someone going on a journey - from "where they are now" to "where they want to be"
  • Giving you a 6-Step Framework for course design
  • Helping your learners make progress by positioning your course as a guide map
  • Selecting the most optimal platform for your online school

I want this to be easy for you

I wanted to make this Checklist available to you and make it really affordable.

I don't want people with great content to launch their online course only to find out that no one wants to buy.

I know that because that was what happened to me in 2015.

It was both painful and demoralizing. Not wanting to waste the time, energy, and money, I started tracing back what went wrong.

Over time, I experimented and documented the steps that led me to successfully launch my second online course in 2018.​

It was a success for me because I not only pre-sold my course, I also managed to sell-out all my seats.

All these steps are now documented in the Online Course Confidence Checklist and I'm offering it for $14 (along with a 45-min strategy call with me).

Download it now and you'll have the know-how to start building and work towards launching your online course with confidence.

Here's what you get

You will get a PDF checklist that you can use to guide you as you start finding your learners, pre-selling your course, before you start creating your course.

You will also get a 45-min strategy call with me where together we will map out how you can make progress towards your launch.

Additionally, you will also get weekly updates on the latest and greatest about online courses via an email newsletter.

The Checklist is designed to be useful for course creators of all levels — from those who are still considering if they should dive into the creation of online courses, to experienced facilitators who want to make sure they are able to sell their online courses before they start creating it.

Money-back guarantee

Yes, I want to make sure you find value in everything you get from us.

If the Checklist doesn't meet your needs for any reason, we'll be happy to offer you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

So at any time within the 30-day window you are unsatisfied with it, simply send me an email ([email protected]) and your refund will be processed.

Are you ready to create your online course with confidence?