How Your Choices Can Impact the World Around You

Starting with a singular perspective, the choices you make, personal or otherwise, will have an impact on the kind of action you take.

The action will lead to an outcome. And the effect of that outcome will, in turn, have an impact on your life.

Up until this point, your life is indeed the sum of all your choices.

But the truth is, it’s not just about you.

2-person perspective

Following from this singular perspective, when we elevate to 2-person, it gets a more interesting.

Let’s use an example.

Say, John is a really good-tempered guy. However, what he encountered one day really shook him up and rubbed him the wrong way. He was really upset and this time instead of keeping his cool, he chose to let it all out.

If John lives all by himself in a remote area, then his choice of outward expression of his reaction might only disturb the silence and tranquillity enjoyed by the creatures that live there.

However, if like us, John lives in a place where there are other people around him, then the situation might be very different.

Let’s say at that moment, one of John’s closest friends happened to come by. And he noticed that John had lost his temper. Having known John for a long time as someone who is good-tempered, the friend would likely think that John had a bad day.

But what if, John went further and took it out on his friend? If his friend is someone who is easily affected emotionally, he might be so badly affected that it ruined his day for him. This could result in a chain of events that cause his friend to, in turn, treat others in a less than friendly manner.

With this example, we can clearly see that when we view the choices we make from a systems perspective, it shows how that will impact either positively or otherwise on the people, situation, and environment around us.

As individuals who want to be empathetic, we must really be conscious about the choices we make and how that will not only have an impact on ourselves, but also on others.

Challenge for you

Here are the steps you can take to help you make better choices:

  • Step 1: What is that 1 choices that you will make today that you consider it to be “good”?
  • Step 2: How will that choice make an impact on yourself and also the people around you?
  • Step 3: How can you use this choice to respond in a challenging situation?

Your turn

Consider how your choices today can make a positive impact on the world?