How To Achieve Breakthrough Results

How can you achieve breakthrough results?

Before I answer that, let’s define what are breakthrough results.

Breakthrough results are the kind of results that were once deemed to be impossible. But now not only it is possible, it is also achievable.

How are breakthrough results possible

Here’s how breakthrough results happen, as described in Tony Robbins’ book, Money: Master The Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom:

Often it’s frustration, anger, or stress that triggers [the] breakthrough. We hit our threshold: a point where we say, “Never again and no more.” Or inspiration strikes: we meet someone who inspires us and that makes us see how life can be so much greater than we ever dreamed possible.

Further, Robbins offered a three-pronged approach, called the Three Pillars of Success, to achieving breakthrough results. But before we look at these in detailed, we must first understand a very critical principle.

Principle of Causality

In Brian Tracy’s book, Focal Point: A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity, and Achieve All Your Goals, the principle of causality is presented:

My first great discovery was the Aristotelian principle of causality. Today, we call it the law of cause and effect. In biblical terms, it is the law of sowing and reaping. Sir Isaac Newton called it the law of action and reaction.

Tracy explained it this way:

The law of cause and effect says that for every effect there is a specific cause or causes. This law says that everything happens for a reason. It says that success, business or personal, is not an accident. Failure is not an accident. Both have specific cause-and-effect relationships that explain them.

This revelation is a breakthrough in and of itself. We can learn to apply the law of cause and effect this way: there is a specific set of actions (causes) that will lead to the desired result (effect).

First Pillar: Strategy

Here is where we bring in first of three pillars: Strategy.

The best way to achieve the result that you desire is to find someone who has already achieved the result and do what that person did. As we have learned from the law of cause and effect that the reason why people achieved breakthrough results is because they took a specific set of actions. It was not by accident and these people weren’t just lucky.

They are simply doing something different and you should find out what these actions are and model those behaviors. Besides, by adopting the right strategy, you’d also save time. Instead of struggling with the methods and trial and error, you can achieve the same results within a shorter period of time.

Second Pillar: Stories

While it is true that the right strategy can get you the results you desire, you must want to execute it, which leads us to the second pillar: Stories.

The reason why most people don’t even start is because of their stories. It could be because they have tried in the past, but without the right strategy they failed. And when they failed they develop a limiting story about why they failed to succeed.

And, as Robbins explained:

[It is] those limiting stories keep us from finding the right strategies, or, even if we have the right strategies, from executing them.

Third Pillar: State

The state you are in will determine how you view the world.

If you are in a hopeful state, you could be more inclined to execute on the strategy as compared to if you are in a fearful state. However, for many people they allow their state to be influenced by external factors instead of a conscious decision internally.

As a result, while they may have a goal to achieve a specific result, but because of the conditions brought about by external factors they do not follow through with their actions.

Process of achieving breakthrough results

Based on these three pillars (Tony Robbins) as well as the application of the law of cause and effect (Brian Tracy), here’s how I mapped out the process of achieving breakthrough results.

Because how you feel is determined by what you focus on, here’s where we would start:

  • Focus: When you set a goal to achieve a specific desired result, what do you focus on? Do you focus on the possibilities that achieving this desired result will bring? Or do you focus on the struggles and frustrations that come with working towards this desired result?
  • Emotions: Choosing to focus on the possibilities will put you in an empowered state. In other words, you are likely to feel hopeful and excited.
  • Actions: And being in an empowered state will fuel your desire to work on the strategies. Hence, when you are able to direct your focus on a consistent basis, then the likelihood of you taking action on a consistent basis increase dramatically.
  • Results: Because of your consistent actions, you are now more likely to achieve the results that you desired.

Have your own methodology of how you have consistent achieved the results that you desire that you’d like to share?

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