The Only Thing Worse Than Being Blind

Step 2 Vision

Having No Vision

Hellen Keller said:

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

I would even add that, if you do not have a personal vision then others are happy to decide for you.

How Do You See Your Future

To define your vision, it is important to note that your personal vision is not about what you want to have. In fact, it is not about your possessions or your bank account.

Your personal vision is about who you want to be. While you will set milestones at specific juncture of your life, these are typically lifelong goals. For instance, an aspect of my personal vision is to be a father figure, a role model, and a best friend for my children.

I have milestones that would serve as evidence of success but I would never come to a point where I’d say, “okay, I have reached my vision of being a role model for my children. I can stop now.” No, that would be crazy! Or that’s when I am dead.

In reality, I could first become a role model for them in terms of my actions and attitudes. Next, I could then become a role model for them in terms of my habits and actions. And this can and will go on forever, until the day I die.

Your Turn

Action: Now, I want you to go ahead and write down your personal vision. Remember, if you don’t define these for yourself, then others will be more than happy to decide it on your behalf. And you won’t like it.

Remember that your personal vision is not about your possessions or what you have. So, to have $10 million in my bank account is not a personal vision statement.

Instead, if you want all that money because you want to financially free, then your personal vision statement should be this: be financially free.

Give it a go and let me know what you come up with. Share with me in the comments section and we will work on your personal vision together.