Keep The Big Picture In Sight

It is easy to get lost, with your head buried in the sand working on your tasks, only to realize that the world has past you by when you look up.

Staying focus is important. Being consistent in taking action is important. Doing the work that you said you’d do is important.

That said, taking time to review all that you do is even more important, if not, critical.

The single most important success factor

David Allen said in his book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity:

In my experience (with thousands of people), that translate into a behavior critical for success: the Weekly Review

Here’s what I do during my weekly review:

1. Review of my purpose

It allows me to remind myself what is my purpose in life. With the amount of demands and challenges that we face each day, it is easy to lose our perspective and gravitate towards what’s popular; rather than our purpose.

2. Review of my life goals

Reviewing my life goals on a weekly basis allows me to remind myself what they are. But more importantly, it provides an opportunity for me to recalibrate the goals to my life’s purpose. Additionally, it is critical not to be addicted to what’s urgent, but to really focus on what’s important.

3. Review of my tasks

Once I’m clear about my life goals, then I’d review the tasks I’ve completed during the week. This allows me to determine if I have been working on tasks that will bring me closer to my goals. Without doing this step, it is easy to neglect or even forget about working on tasks that will lead me to my goals.

What’s the big picture in your life?

That’s a question only you can answer. Quite frankly, there were times where I can’t even answer that question myself.

Take a few moments this week to review the following:

Your turn

What’s the big picture in your life? Have you found it? Or are you still searching?

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