Don’t Think; Just Do

For someone who thinks for a living, this piece of advice was hard for me to swallow.

[D]oing ought to precede thinking when it comes to baseline creative work.

~ Chase Jarvis

I’ve always believe in doing the research, speaking with potential customers, formulating a set of strategies before taking action.

Theoretically that sounds like great advice.

Problem is, I usually get stuck after formulating a set of strategies.

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A Better Way To Learn: Beyond Interpretation

Most online courses on SEO/SEM will teach you several things.

How to use tools like Keyword Planner. Some will teach you how to analyze the list of keywords for demand. Few will teach you how to interpret for intent.

I had the good fortune to be taught how to distill the interpretation for insights and then to act on those insights.

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Why Figure Out Your Life’s Purpose

“How would you describe your life’s purpose?”

The author asked Bill Thomas.

“To bring respect back to elderhood in America,” was his reply.

With just eight words, Bill was able to describe his life’s work to Keith Yamashita.

Frankly, if we are not able to describe our life’s purpose as elegantly as Bill, it is clear we haven’t quite figured it out.

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The Best Way To Sell Your Online Course

One of the greatest challenges faced by online course creators is selling it.

I know because I was once in that position.

After creating the online course, I was marketing it aggressively.

Running ads. Partnering with affiliate marketers. Appearing on podcasts. Slashing the price. The works.

Sale was pathetic, to say the least.

In my second attempt at selling online course, I took an entirely different approach.

This time, I not only pre-sold. I also did not need to market the course at all.

What gives?

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Don’t Just Teach Tactics

If you’ve bought any online courses before, you might be familiar with this one.

You watch the trainer goes through step-by-step on how to do something.

This something could be:

  • Finding your profitable niche
  • Choosing your audience for Facebook Ads
  • Setting up your elegant marketing funnel

Then you set out to attempt the same steps on your own.

But, it doesn’t work! Here’s why.

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