What You Need To Know About Writing

I want to write better.

The first thing I did was to check out books on writing. So far I’ve read five books on writing.

My favorite is Ann Handley’s, Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content.

Next, I just need to write. And write every day.

However, the thought of writing every day is daunting.

And so I asked myself these questions.

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Six Steps to Developing Constructive Habits

A habit is simply a set of actions that one takes when certain conditions occur.

In other words, when this happens, you do that.

Replace “this” with “specific conditions”, and “that” with “responsive set of actions”.

Some examples:

  • When I am hungry, I eat.
  • When I wake up, I check my phone.
  • When I am stressed, I go for a run.
  • When I can’t complete my work, I get angry.
  • When my child refused to eat his greens, I do nothing.
  • Whenever someone doesn’t show up on time, I think that person is not reliable.
  • When someone keeps her promise, I think highly of that person.

So, how can these examples help you and me?

They illustrate an important point.

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Why Checking Your Phone When You Awake Is A Bad Idea

What do you do soon after you are awake?

Do you check your email? Or Facebook, Twitter?

Well, if you do, you’re like 80 percent of 18- to 44-year-olds who check their mobile devices soon after they are awake.

You want to stop doing that. Because this seemingly harmless habit may be more destructive than you think.

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The Single Most Powerful Emotion

Fear. The most toxic emotion that will not only affect your outlook of life, but will also impact on your actions and consequently the outcomes.

You must stare fear in the eye every single day by managing your state of mind.

You then replace fear with emotions, powerful emotions that will drive you and get you pumped to do what’s necessary.

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Why Happiness Is An Inside Job

Are you doing what you want to? Or are you doing what you have to?

These are the questions that have been on my mind lately. Perhaps it is because of my age that I began relentlessly purging tasks that doesn’t float my boat.

I figured, at my death bed, there are only two things on my mind:

Seven Ways To Manage Your State Of Mind

Consider these two scenarios:

  • You are out of town alone. You are staying in a rented apartment. On the first night, you decided to watch a frightening horror movie.
  • You are with your family and friends at your home. You were all watching a ridiculously funny comedy.

Suddenly, you hear the door creak open. Which scenario are you more likely to be afraid?

I’m willing to bet that you’d be more afraid in the first scenario.

The question is, why? Is it because of the environment? Or is it something else?

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Why Your Fear Coping Mechanism May Instead Be Feeding It

Have you ever been so afraid that it causes you to clam up.

You are not able to move forward because you are afraid of the consequences that might follow. You are afraid of making a mistake. You are afraid of making a fool of yourself.

In short, you are afraid of failure.

And then life takes a spin.

A tailspin.

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Why Seeking Gain Maybe True But Not Real

If I asked you to identify the different categories of emotions, how many would you say? Five? 10? 22?


I like to think of only two broad categories of emotions, namely pain and gain.

The idea of seeking gain, or pleasure, as the most important intrinsic good is what Hedonism is about.

In other words, we generally seek gain and avoid pain.

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