How To Use the ‘AIM’ Approach to Manage Your Projects

Did It Happen Or Did You Make It Happen

Do you make things happen today or things just happened to you today?

Like most readers of my post, you are likely the type that make things happen.

Question is, how do you make it happen? What’s the system you use to make things happen?

I use an adapted version of the Rapid Planning Method by Tony Robbins in managing projects in the personal, people, and professional life.

Here’s how it works.

What’s Your AIM?

To begin, I’d first clearly define the “A” for any projects.

A is for Attention

I want to channel my attention by focusing on the desired outcome of the project. As an example, for my professional project on Publish 3 Ships from God, the desired outcomes are as follows:

    • Publish the book by end 2016
    • Sell at least 1,000 copies of the book within one year of release

Having these desired outcomes is good. However, I need to give these outcomes my attention preferably on a daily, if not at least a weekly basis.

Key thing to note at this stage is this: you have to make sure the desired outcomes have these characteristics.

I Is For Impact

The question you’d need to answer is as follows: how is the effect of your outcomes? In other words, what impact would it have when you achieved those outcomes.

Usually, those impact would be at a personal level. For instance, in my case, it was to fulfil a lifelong dream of publishing a book. However, something magical happens when you’re looking at beyond yourself. Seeing how it can make a difference in your people and professional life will often bring about a greater impact.

M is for Motion

In our household, we have a joke about the Rodin’s Thinker. That if you kept on thinking, you’ll soon turn into stone. Unless, of course, you take action.

And this really is asking that one question that makes you more productive.

To put the wheels in motion, you need to make progress towards the attainment of your desired outcomes. Using this principle can really speed up the way you think about what must be done.

Therefore, motion is about deciding on a series of action steps to take in order achieve your desired outcomes and make the positive impact in your personal, people, and professional life.

Your Turn…

Action: what’s the AIM of your project?