How Investing 25 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

What is the one thing that freelancers and fathers have in common? They have limited time.

As a father of two young and active children, I can never find enough time to be with them. When I am with them, I am thinking about work. And when I am at work, I sometimes wish I can be with them.

Do the math

To make a million dollars annually on Fiverr, you need to complete 200,000 projects, each costing $5. That’s 16,667 projects a month. Or 556 projects a day, assuming you work every day. Or 46 projects an hour, assuming you work 12 hours every day. As a freelancer, how much you can earn is limited by the number of hours you can work, if you trade time for money.

And everyone has a threshold.

You are ambitious too

While recognizing time as a constraint, we can either lower our expectations and work within the constraint or think of ways to work around that constraint to achieve our goals.

That said, the latter requires us to embrace a different way of thinking about constraints. And in some sense, it may even scare some of us. When a solution presented requires a drastic change, very often we either won’t do it or we will procrastinate.

And then weeks, months, and years would go by.

I know that. I’ve been through that. I’ve always said I wanted to write a book, but I never got down to doing it. I’ve always said I wanted to create a personal website, but I never got down to doing it.

Three categories of excuses for not getting things done

Often times, the excuses come down to these three categories: physical, proficiency, and psychological. It is either I don’t have the resources (physical), I don’t have the know-how (proficiency), or I am not an author (psychology).

However, since 2013, I have developed this one habit that led to a change of events that will dramatically change my life, forever.

And that one habit requires me to:

  • Time: 25 minutes a day
  • Action: small and easy to implement steps daily

Do you have a goal that you haven’t started working on? Try this small habit and let me know how it works.