The Secret Principle To Design A Better Life


The Fun Begins

Now that you’ve identified the various areas in your personal, people, and professional life, it is now time to list down the projects for each of those areas.

But before we get to the projects, let me share with you a principle that when you know it will enable you to design a better life.

The Principle

This secret principle is called “the approach”. Simply put, it means, in order to achieve a desired outcome, what are the broad stroke strategies that when well executed will deliver that desired outcome.

Many great companies have adopted this principle and have become an enduring success. In Jim Collins’ study of Good to Great companies, it is what I called the Three Disciplines: Disciplined People, Disciplined Thoughts, and Disciplined Actions.

According to Daniel Kim, the idea behind the Core Theory of Success is the Four Qualities – Quality of Relationships leads to Quality of Collective Thoughts, which in turn affects the Quality of Actions, which brings about the Quality of Results.

What’s common amongst these is there is a clear approach towards an end result. For instance, the Three Disciplines is the approach that enable companies to become great. The approach towards enduring success is the Four Qualities.

Your Turn…

Action: Before we dive deep into the projects, think for a moment, what is the approach for the different areas in your personal, people, and professional life.

For instance, if you have an area called “physical”, then what is your approach towards achieving the desired outcome for this area called “physical”? Using my example, for the area called “physical”, I have a two-pronged approach: diet and exercise.

In other words, my assumptions and beliefs point to the fact that, if I want to develop myself physically, I would need to work on these two areas: diet and exercise. Could there be more than two areas? Definitely. But your assumptions and beliefs would differ from mine. Hence, it is not necessarily the same.

So, for each area, write down what your approach is. Go!